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  • 2018
    • 5. März 2018 — Ignorance





      „When the early morning sun breaks through the darkness
      When the night tears dew spill morning from the sky
When the nature's tears raindrops pour down to the earth
      When all those trees dancing in the breeze beside the lake
      When all those daffodils and lavender fill the air with fragrances
      When all those butterflies and bees fly high in search of honey
      When all those wild mountain rivers are rushing through the valleys
      When all those beauty of waterfalls grab heart of a nation
      When all those mountain hills carpet with its greenery wonders
      When all those innocent animals grassing on the hill sides
      When all those bird's flight, as they climb and hover in the sky
      When all those wild animals freely walk around the jungle
      When all those seasons spring, summer, autumn, winter fill our heart with cheer.
 When all those trouble hearts, the nature becomes a smooth healer
      But when, when will we finally stop ignoring you and being part of a larger whole.“

      Copyright @2008 Ravi Sathasivam



    • 19. February 2018 — Rasta Meditation
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