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Sexuality, Spirituality, Consciousness, Love


Sexuality flows since our conception through the embryonic development and the birth into our circle of life. Sexuality remains with for our whole life long.


Sexual Energy is Life Energy.



Sexuality means spiritual, mental, emotional, physical sensual perception, encounter and completion.

Activating our sexual life, we not only enrich our love life, but we add to our whole life more consciousness, exhilaration and joy.

Two and a half vivid days we will lead you to the primal source of life.

We will approach this subject from different perspectives and pay attention to many aspects of this form of life energy.

You will experience that attentive sensual sexuality is a pure source of joy, power and life.



The Way to Your Personal Exploration
Tantra of the Native Americans and Other Cultures


All philosphies and systems of understanding about sexuality and spiritual sexuality suffer from certain problems if they are imported into other cultures. That is obvious when we look at the tradition of tantra, which was originally a spiritual path of hinduism and later on also of certain buddhist schools. Sexuality only was a minor side-aspect of tantra, and according to our understanding today it was not at all free or liberating. Today tantra in the western world has been merely reduced to the sexual aspect and often deformed by scholls that have no tantric tradition. Only as symbols Shakti and Shiva are left-overs from Hinduism.


Due to its history Christian tradition does not know spiritual sexuality anymore, remaining for centuries more suspicious. Even because of that open-minded people of christian (muslim, jewish respectively) cultures experience the need to search for deeper explanation of sexuality in other religions and cultures, because the longing for a holistic, and even spiritual sexuality is deeply rooted in everybody.


To overcome the limits of pure medical, biological descriptions, the commercialisation by media and industry and probably christian or muslim (-related) education it is reasonable to learn about not only one system (like the indian trantra, that in most of its aspects, for instance its numerous gods, tabus and spirits, remains a mystery to us.
It is rather wise for a seeker of self-development and experience to engage in the study of several traditions to finally find his own and very personal, and most of all very independent view and practise.


The religious world views of many archaic american cultures offer appeal to many because of their simplicity, straightforwardness and universal wisdom. Probably mostly known is their love for nature and a natural life.
Therefore the native american medicine wheel for us is a great starting point to a journey through different cultural and spiritual philosophies and practises to get closer to our personal conception of sexuality.
Of course the most part of the seminar constists of practical training in mutual respect and agreement.


In our seminar we explore sexuality and spiritual sexuality in the frame of the universal teaching of the Tender Touch philosophy and techniques which I have developed with the inclusion of concepts from american native, neo-indian, african and asian tantric and sexual techings
There is no need to adopt any defined doctrine or a certain spiritual system. Our aim is that everybody finds his own truth in himself.


Playfully and freely we re-discover sexuality (not sex!), practising rituals of emotional encounter and sensual and spiritual experience.



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