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This website is dedicated to the quest for a rich filled life where one is healthy and contented. The site endeavours to help people find self-fulfilment and satisfy one's needs both basic and sophisticated. This I created in the hope of providing help to people to enrich their lives so that they may come aware of the abundance of opportunities and possibilities that are open to us all.

An important matter which  is vital to a joyful life is health, which is best achieved and maintained by natural means and the activation of mental power.

This site is also dedicated to my scientific and artistic activities including my publications and seminaries

Nothing is more fulfilling than simply enjoy living!

Personal Coaching
Find and achieve your aims

You have aims but don’t know how to find your way? You don’t know what you want? You are unhappy or unsatisfied with you have got? Find clarity and Orientation in all major aspects of your life: The interaction of wisdom, perception and esteem opens new doors, and escorts you to your ...
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get your consultation anywhere

If you do not have time or opportunity for a personal meeting, a comfortable way for you is the online-consultation.
With a choice of different messenger systems we can realize single or successive sessions. You don’t have to leave your office or home to get a qualified consultation ...
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German Naturopathy
a holistic approach to self-healing

Naturopathy or natural medicine is a holistic system. It puts emphasis on the prevention of diseases and strives to find the cause of disease by understanding the patient as a totality of body, mind and spirit.
This alternative medical system uses a wide variety of therapies (...) All natural ...
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